Courting Google (and Getting to First Base)

Look, the way I see it as of tonight, Google likes to rank websites based on three things.

1. Authority

2. Trust

3. Relevance

SEO done right shapes a site for all three. But tonight’s chat is about initial trust and deserves a little analogy.

Respectable girls (no offense to anyone in particular) want to be able to trust you before things get a little steamy, or for arguments sake, foggy. You got me? Know what I mean? No? Go ask pops about the birds and the bees, g’head, I’ll wait…

Google is a respectable girl. You might not always find here attractive, but she’s downright respectable. You know you want here attention. You know you want to get closer. you know you want to be on the top of her list, but can she trust you?

Let’s cut the crap and talk about chicks, fellas (and ladies, I’m having fun…no reason to get all hissy fit like). If you want to date a respectable girl you have to earn her trust. There are simple things you can do in order to earn her trust. First, make sure she knows your all about discrepancy and privacy. Make sure she knows you’re going to be around for the long haul. Those are free chick tips for you dudes out there (I should know, I’m on marriage number 2 – practice makes perfect right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself).

Um, how does this relate? Glad you asked.

Get a privacy policy on your site. Register your domain for an extended period of time. See the correlation?

These two items will not boost your rank, but they are two examples of simple things to do in order to earn Google’s trust. These are things that take very little time and mean a lot to your visitors and to Google. It’s about being complete and thorough. It’s about the meaningful details. It’s about being serious and trustworthy for every visitor, including Goolge.


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