There Are Holes In Your Site and Laziness is Leaking Out

There’s something I learned from Jon Christopher (Lead Front-End Developer at Overit Media) and it’s about being thorough. It’s about being clean and complete. He didn’t come out and tell me, it’s just one of those things I picked up on from his own work. It also led me to come to a conclusion about SEO that I hadn’t thought of before.

First of all, if there are elements missing from your site (especially coded elements like alt text, link titles and so on), your site isn’t complete. I know, I’m waiting for the jerks to yell about ‘insignificant’ stuff. But really, when optimizing a site and all those opportunities are there to truly optimize (not stuff you stuffers), why not take them? On one hand, you get one more chance to highlight authority, trust and relevance, but also, there are no holes in the site.

There might be two arguments here. One, by ignoring the ‘insignificant’ stuff you’re being lazy and working against all the people out there who have dated machines, browsers, challenged abilities, etc. Then, your awesome site becomes a hassle for some. The second argument is, if there is an opportunity to improve your site’s performance in the search engines, why would you ignore that?

Leaving these opportunities (I’ll call them holes) on your site open and unfinished, kind of smells like laziness. Trust me, I want to be less lazy and work on procrastination, but I’ll do that later.


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