Weighing in on SEO & Website Accessibility

For the longest time I’d be quietly frustrated when I was asked to analyze a site’s SEO and the first question asked was “does it pass web accessibility?”

In my brain I was saying “WTF?”

Then I read more about it. Read all the debates. And, in those debates I found most people still on the fence.

No doubt, the question is being asked in the wrong context because of confusion as to what web accessibility is. But, it’s not entirely off-base as I’ve come to learn and grow my own beliefs about SEO.

First, go read about accessibility. Second, learn about SEO. Then, go read all the debates.

Now, here’s my reasoning behind ‘why accessibility matters to me as an SEO’:

If you read all my posts you’ll find that my goals center around driving targeted traffic to sites for a desired conversion. In order to get that all mighty conversion (and as many as possible) the site experience must be over-whelming with positivity.

So, the argument goes, if people with challenged abilities are deficient web connections cannot experience the site to the utmost of their abilities and to the extent of delivering a total experience (a web accessible site will do this), then the overall experience for all is diluted. A segment of populations loses out and the conversion is quite possibly lost.

If the experience sucks, then SEO sucks (so does design and development, but that’s another story). If only portions of those online can experience the site as fully as possible, then conversions suffer, ROI suffers and SEO = SUCKOLA.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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