“Work” As A Concept

I overheard someone saying, “You can’t call it work if you do what you love. If you do what you love, you won’t work a day in your life.”

I like that. Especially because of what I do and where I work (that could change when the wind blows, but it always comes back to enjoying what I do and classifying it as the standard definition of ‘work’).

So my concept of work might be different than yours (keep in mind I ‘worked’ for 17 hours yesterday, but don’t feel over-worked (yet)), just like your concept of success if different than mine and his and hers.

So my current concept of work is: That which one does to accomplish a task or multiple tasks. When said work becomes too cumbersome to the self, time to relax, rethink and start again from a different perspective. If this cannot be achieved, your work has become a burden. Or, something to that effect.

Anyhow this is my ‘job’ work in pictures – I do not appear in them, rather, I walked around and hastily snapped pictures (series #1):

We work here: http://overit.com


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