Analyze Your Links

Here’s an important aspect to keep in mind when looking at links to your site. Remember, links to your site in conjunction with other SEO factors will help drive more traffic due to search engine inclusion and rank (though around here we don’t count that as a metric).

Link Building & SEO

Just having a list of links isn’t important. Getting to know the number of root domains pointing/linking to your site via links is a key metric in terms of a link portfolio. Valuable inlinks from more root domains is only going to work in your favor. Trust that.

Link Building Tools

One of my favorite browser add-ons is the seomoz toolbar. Get it while its hot. The tool bar will automatically give you a picture of your links when you load a page. There’s no drop-down or destination page to follow in order to get the info. It auto-populates the toolbar for a birds-eye view of what’s what with inbound links pointing to your site.


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