SEO Toolbars: Fave of the Day

When it comes to analyzing competitors or your own clients, having the right tools at the right time can save you, well, time. Plus, the “overall picture” abilities reduce the awful feeling of making a mistake. My current favorite SEO toolbars.

SEO Tools & SEO Toolbars
Right now I’m only rocking 3 visible SEO toolbars in my browser (which happens to be Firefox).

1. SEOmoz toolbar
2. Foxy SEO Toolbar
3. Web developer Toolbar for Firefox

SEOmoz Toolbar

My highlights would include: immediate determination (even if only proportional) of linking root domains, analyze page (quick page overview pop-up; including meta, canonicalization, page attributes)

>> Get the mozbar

Foxy SEO Toolbar

My highlights would include: Backlink checker, traffic checkers, whois tools, page analysis, validation checkers, etc.

This tool is chock-full of goodness and for quick stats, or even more insightful stats, I like this one a lot.

>> Get Foxy SEO Tool

Web Developer Toolbar

My highlights would include: Disable/enable javascript, on-page rulers, image attributes, validation tools, link outlining, etc.

>> Get Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox



  1. Hey Joe, I just found your blog through a grapevine of links which began from the Overit Twitter account.

    I was wondering what your experience/thoughts are about the “SEO Book” Toolbar. I’ve been using this for a majority of the last year, paired up with “SEO for Firefox”

    SEOMoz’s toolbar is very nice if you have a premium account, but seems rather lacking if you are riding on the freebie account

    1. Hey man,

      I’m not a recent user of the SEObook toolbar. Probably because I am a PRO member of SEOmoz and have access to all oft he metrics and tools on the moz bar. I also use their PRO tools more that they’ve been improved (since moving from a consultancy to an SEO tool company). ~ Joe

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