Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Glad you asked. Really.

I’m sure as you’ve read more and talked more about your presence online you’ve come across more talk about search engine results and the need to be found easily and quickly. I’m also sure that search engine optimization is quickly becoming more than just a buzzword for you, but there are no doubt more questions than answers as to why you need search engine optimization (SEO). Let’s break it down.

More People Use Search Than Ever

If you can handle understanding that close to 75% of Internet users use search as their beginning point to find information, products or to answer their questions, then it’s almost a no-brainer that you want to be found as the authority. We have to also understand the psychology of search: people who search regard the first page of results and those in the top 5 spots as the most trustworthy and most likely to be clicked – you had best be in those positions in order to get those clicks.

Search Traffic is Qualified Traffic

Think about the last time you saw a billboard on the highway and it did nothing for you; or, when you skipped to the next radio station when a commercial came on. How about when you fast forwarded on your DVR? Interruption marketing and advertising is losing its once tight grip. Search though, is different. Those who use a search engine and find you have come to you and are more willing to spend their time with you and your message and are a much more, pre-qualified type of audience than ever. The emotional barriers to the message are much softer and easier to overcome as they have found you.

SEO is a Defensive Tactic

If any of your competitors are beating you for any of your keyphrases, you’re losing business to them. You might as well be writing a testimonial for them. Their optimization is taking money out of your pocket and it doesn’t have to be that way. Use search engine optimization and grab the market share online — and use it defensively, for the sake of your success.


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