What is a Blog, As If You Have to Ask!

When entering the world of the internet for business marketing, one of the first options to build your business with are blogs. It seems the internet is abounding with blogs, and they’ve never been more popular among readers and writers. This popularity works both to the benefit and disadvantage of the individual or business. Blogs can greatly benefit a business by offering a promotion opportunity, serve as an online newsletter of sorts to keep regular readers informed on the going-ons of the business; as well as announce news, events, products, etc to a new and always expanding audience.

So, what exactly is a blog and what differentiates a blog from a website? Blog comes from the term “weblog,” and this is a fairly good description of what a blog is. Blogs are a type of web page where posts are made, often frequently, and as new posts are made, the older appear further down the page, and are archived for easier retrieval. This format allows for the latest information to be highlighted.

Another key point about a blog is that posts are usually short, 300 – 600 words, in length. These shorter posts make it easy for readers to quickly and easily take in information without having to spend a lot of time getting the information they need. Posts are also generally accompanied by visual aids, which makes the information more visually appealing, drawing readers into the blog and the information presented.

Lastly, blogs allow for reader comments. While this is a customizable feature, and you can easily opt out of allowing comments, most readers greatly enjoy the opportunity to chime in on the information being shared. Furthermore, it’s a great way to allow for readers to share their experiences with your products/services, which creates free advertising for you.


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