How to Make use of the Emotional Buying Habits of Your Buyers

The million dollar question: Precisely what do your customers want? Provided you can answer this, you then will be at the top of your game. Everyone will want to pick your brain.

There are several things that you need to know. Nearly all women are emotional buyers. When it comes to buying everything from sugar to clothing, they are more likely to buy products that strike their interest on a deep level.

Men are generally more rational shoppers. This isn’t to say that women aren’t rational, but, men are likely to look at the basic reasons for buying something. They generally do have their periods when emotion takes over, typically when they see an advertisement for a new pick-up truck or some hot techie gadget.

Knowing the emotional habits of your customers might go a long way in helping reach out to them and providing them whatever they want. Remember you have ever bought anything on the spur of the moment. Precisely what made you choose? Use that form of knowledge to generate a marketing campaign which can connect with your customers both practically and emotionally.

This strategy can work for you as long as you have a belief in your product. Customers can tell when you’re trying to make a sales pitch simply to get the sale. Your attention to their needs after the sale will bear out their concerns. When you believe in what you are selling, then you will make sure that the customer is pleased with their purchase from beginning to end.

Methods to Connect with Your Customer, Emotionally

* Use personal testimonials. A test of a good product is one that the seller will use themselves. If you have tried it, tell your customers about your experience. Intermingled with that stunning content you are writing, place personal snippets .

* Use customer feedback. Provide a place for customer feedback on your website. But, don’t just record it; read it and use it. In blog posts and new content, mention issues that customers have brought up. Lay out plans to improve based upon their comments. Also, respond to them, if only in the comment section you have set up.

* Use good customer service skills and respond in 24 hours to any customer complaint. Offer satisfactory policies to help the shopper, namely money-back guarantees or fair exchanges for defective services and products.

* Offer contests and promos on your blog or Facebook page, host mini-contests or incentives for those who sign up for new promotions. Also send coupon codes to be used at certain times of the year when customers spend over a certain amount.

What are the needs of your customers? If you can figure that out using the recommendations above, then you are on the right path to creating a profitable business with a strong customer base.


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