Using SoundGecko for Better Web Content

Web Content Writing Tip

If you’re an SEO or someone in-house who has been tasked with writing web content, here’s a tip that is hard to pass up.

First, understand that it is good practice to have someone read your content to you aloud. This way you can hear your half-baked ideas and unwavering keyword stuffing. Hopefully you’re not doing that, but this will root out the issue.

Second, I get it…you don’t always have someone at your disposal to read your content to you. That’s where my SoundGecko idea comes in:

You see, SoundGecko will create an MP3 of any article that you can then listen to later (or after a few minutes). You can even share it with a colleague to have them take a listen. This way, you can hear the error of your ways before clicking publish and causing all kinds of frowny faces and bounces.

(Just make sure you publish your draft on a non-indexed, hidden page that SoundGecko can access, but one that no one will find)


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