4 Other Reasons Why You Need Good Web Content

No matter where you look, web marketing sites are talking (loudly) about ‘content is king’, ‘content marketing is the new SEO’, good content converts! I feel like the lasting message from a lot of it has to do with ranking better, getting more links, driving more traffic, and getting likes, tweets and plus ones.

At this point, we get it. Or at least we should.

But it doesn’t end there! Having good content has always been important. It’s not like people who use the interwebs just woke up and started demanding good content in 2012. It’s also not new that having good content is great for marketing and your bottom-line. It’s also not new that good content makes its way around the Internet. And it’s not new that search engines use content to learn about and score your website for good visibility in search results.

Whew, that’s a lot of old news that is still being recycled. So what about the other reasons why good content is important? Glad you asked. The other reasons WHY you need good content are actually WHY the above works (when done well).

Good Content Conveys a Clear Message About Your Brand

Holy crap, 34 million results for ‘How to Fix a Flat’? How many gosh darn ways are there to do it? Certainly not 34 million. So Google now has to figure out which ones to rank on the first page. Then, consumers have to decide which one to visit, share and absorb. Surely of that 34 million, there are plenty of pages that don’t convey the message clearly. Those that do, hopefully, are at the forefront of rank.

So while it seems obvious that good content conveys a a clear message, a lot of web content writers miss the boat on getting the message across. Surely you can have a magnetic headline, but the meat of the story better be cooked right so that visitors find meaning and purpose. If they do, your brand gets engrained as meaningful and purposeful. Clear messages provide assurance, reassurance, meaning and purpose to your brand. Those descriptors are exactly what motivate people to engage with your brand and share your brand (and its stories).

Good Content Lends Credibility to Your Brand

Good content creates strong and loud voices. Is your brand’s voice loud? When you write content that provides value and clarity, your brand gains credibility. Credibility encourages your visitors to yell about it from the tops of social media mountains, word-of-mouth, and better yet, by buying what your selling (converting and consuming).

When your voice is loud, when you’ve gained credibility, you establish a level of trust with your customer and your industry as a whole. You start to have a level of authority that pulls people to you like a magnet.

Good Content Keeps Them Coming Back For More

You want repeat business don’t you? When you’ve established clarity and credibility, you’ve established a relationship between your brand and the customer, whether you know it or not. Just like when two friends have a good relationship, they keep coming back to each other for more. The same goes for your brand and customers. An established clear, credible relationship keeps them coming back for more.

Good Content Encourages Action

We’ve covered clarity, credibility and relationship building with regard to your good content. Now, it’s about actions. Good content encourages your customers to act. Most business owners count on the action of conversions (and they’ll come with good content), but today, businesses can also count on the word-of-mouse actions that the interconnected world makes with social media, review sites and blogs. Good content will make its way around the web with minimal costs to the business owner who now has more time and resources to create even more great content in order to repeat the cycle and grow their brand and ROI.

Sum It Up Joe

When it comes to building your brand, your content is one of the most powerful tools in your box. If your SEO or marketing consultant tells you to write content for a web page or whatever, don’t just go through the motions. Don’t fill space for the sake of filling space. Produce great content and you’ll end up producing a bigger, better brand.


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