Stop Writing Blog Post Headlines Like a Zombie

Blog Post Title Writing Has Gotten Stale

Oh man. I’ve been doing the SEO thing for a while now. And, I can’t stand the pervasiveness of headlines that are dead-on lazy at this point. I’m guilty of it, I know. But as time goes on, I’m seriously getting tired of “How to” titled posts and “Number” titled posts. It’s old school when it was just school…and not in the cool way.

It just seems like segments of the industry are zombified at this point and resort to old tactics out of laziness. I get it, readers sometimes flock to those headlines. But does that mean keep doing it? In my humble opinion, no. Instead we should progress and make headline writing better.

My Headline Writing Advice

My favorite formula is: Appeal to the need and hit the emotional spot. See my infographic (of sorts) to see what I mean:

Stop Writing Blog Post Headlines Like a Zombie

Want to embed this on your site/blog? Awesome. Grab the code here:

[code lang=”html”]
Zombie Blog Post Headlines Infographic by Untypical Marketing
(You might have to resize the infographic to fit your blog post pixel width of 1000px)


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