Process Makes Perfect

Discovery. Here all questions are asked and re-asked and notes are taken. Questions such as: “What is it?” “What is the goal?” “Who is the audience?” “How will they find us?” “How is this different/better than the competition?” “Who is the competition?”

Strategy. This planning phase outlines the specific modes of delivery and engagement that will be used (that best fits your audience and type of message).

But, through collaborative discovery (your knowledge of your business and customers and my knowledge of the web), we can get pretty darn close if not spot on as to how to deliver the information (and the right information).

Implement. Here is where I take all the prep work and put it to good use on the web; delivering a product and services based on observation, discussion and know-how. We set your project ‘loose’ and keep a watchful eye.

Maintain. Since we’re monitoring the progress using statistics, we can observe user behavior and conversions and make tweaks where needed.

Getting Things Done.

Most anything you do is based on a process; from cooking a meal to pumping gas to asking your boss for a raise (and he/she should give you one once you repeat how web success is found by a process). Without processes, we’re all just shooting in the dark.

As for the web, most people (even those who are on all of the time) are either intimidated by how these interweb things work or think that it’s some kind of magic. And, when you work with me, you’ll see that neither have to be true. But, you’ll get to see how, just like anything else, the process for getting things to work and work well are based on the same processes you use every day.